Communications Products and Services

Millennium Medical Communications, Inc. (Millennium), with over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, develops independent, non-promotional, custom communications solutions for consumers of health and medical information (HealthMed Consumers). Millennium's clients include pharmaceutical companies, healthcare professionals, Internet health and medical sites, Internet portals, and on-line communities, hospitals, medical associations, and financial institutions.

Millennium's communications products are designed to provide HealthMed Consumers with information on the latest in evidence-based medicine as presented at worldwide medical meetings and symposiums. Millennium's products and services educate HealthMed Consumers on the latest trends and treatment for disease. All content is peer-reviewed by sub-specialty physicians (HealthMed Experts) in order to verify accuracy and objectivity. Millennium's reports have been rated by physicians to provide trustworthy, up-to-date health and medical

Millennium disseminates its proprietary content through traditional and electronic means in order to maximize the reach to its target audience. Independent, third-party market research is provided upon request to verify the efficacy of our products and services.

The following products are informational and advisory texts produced from scientific and educational information presented in public forums such as: worldwide medical meetings, post-graduate education courses, continuing education programs for healthcare professionals, and company-sponsored education symposiums.


Millennium produces four- to 16-page physician-directed reports summarizing data presented at worldwide medical meetings and scientific symposiums, and in current journal articles. The reports are sponsored by unrestricted educational grants from a client company. Millennium's expert medical journalists compile the most up-to-date, published data to create a report that presents the latest evidence-based medicine to treat disease. Millennium's three-level, peer review production process satisfies all FDA guidelines and regulations. Millennium's production process ensures objectivity, journalistic integrity, and trustworthy health and medical content.

The Express and Forum Reports can be created to satisfy the Essentials and Standards of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education so as to provide physicians with opportunities to earn CME credits. The reports are distributed to target physician audiences.


This report is a compilation of the most important data presented in a therapeutic area during a calendar year. Our expert journalists write a 16- to 32-page report summarizing data gathered from worldwide medical meetings, journal articles, and interviews with physicians. A key opinion leader physician will review the report for scientific and medical accuracy and provide an editorial introductory commentary. The Year in Review is distributed to targeted physician and healthcare audiences via direct mail and/or the Internet. Physicians comment, "The Year in Review is a great reference tool."


The Business Intelligence Report is a confidential report based on data presented on a specific therapeutic area, disease, or group of drugs used to treat a disease. Presented in a comprehensive summary format, the Business Intelligence Report provides an overview of the current competitive landscape in a specific drug class or disease area. This report keeps pharmaceutical marketing executives, sales representatives, and clinical staff up-to-date on current marketing strategies as well as trends and treatments of disease.

View a sample Business Intelligence Report. PDF (165k)


Designed as a continuing medical education tool for pharmaceutical sales and marketing organizations, the Therapeutic Update presents the latest trends in treating disease by presenting clinical data and marketing strategies in a clear and concise format. The Therapeutic Update is designed to test the comprehension of the reader by providing an interactive test. The Therapeutic Update can be disseminated by CD-ROM, Internet, or direct mail. Millennium provides analysis and feedback of results with the web-based version of this product. This is a great way to keep the pharmaceutical representative up-to-date and is an information resource for the physicians with whom they interact.

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